Begleri will Control Minds

Begleri The Future of Mind Control

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Look into my begleri

Begleri have been under scrutiny for becoming the newest form of hypnotic control. With its ability to hold someones fixed attention for long durations of time. But will they actually make you OBEY THE BEGLERI with their hypnotic mind techniques?

Begleris are becoming well known as “stress toys” or “fidget toys”, or even “desk toys”. The reason for this is begleris decrease stress, restlessness, which means you fidget with it, sometime at your desk. So what else can it do? Well you can spin and fidget the shit out of it. You can flip it between all your fingers, spin it around like a revolvers. Throw it in the air, catch it in your hair. Do things with it not intended, like tie it around shit. Or even like throw it with no intention of catching it. Like a ninja star, except way more ineffectual. Do you know what we are saying? Or have the begleri already done their damage to our consumer stimulated minds. It is too late, begleris have taken over with no intention of disappearing. And for that matter, every damn fidget toy, desk toy, recreational activity, desk toy, begleri, fidget cube, fidget spinner, they can all go to hell. Because they are taking over, and soon there will be no humans. Only toys. A barren world of skeletons of fidget toys. So when the aliens come down, they can see our fidget toys, take home some fidget spinners, and let it ruin their society as well.

I heard fidget toys and begleri are good for kids with autism

Yes, there have been claims that begleri and other fidget toys have cured down syndrome, or so some homeless person told us. We took their word on it and gave them a fidget toy, which they proceeded to trade back for a sandwhich. The world is a beautiful place. And at every gas station and toys r us you can get a plethora of fidget toys, fidget shit, spinning shit, fidget spinners, desk toys, so many god damn desk toys. General toys, video games, tons of kids and parents leading them by their leashes. The fidget toy is the last thing standing between us and the titanic wall of judgement that will come from the great earth moles. Who have been warning against the uses of fidget toys for attention deficit disorder and shit. Ant people, ant people know too. That’s why fidget spinners cannot be sold below the equator. Even though it is done en mass. Yes, everywhere. The underwater sales for fidget spinners has grotesquely increased. Every under-ocean city has more fidget spinners, fidget toys, and fidget cubes, than any other god damn planet in this solar system. And at least half of the galaxy.

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Look at all this fidget toy shit


Begleri will be here

The begleri have arrived.